Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Well, sort of. ;o)

I'm no longer dealing with constant nausea--now it's just moderate fatigue and the holidays and everything else. lol Ahhhh, life. I'm just glad I was able to overcome the association of nausea with knitting and pick up my needles again. It was only about a month ago, but it's good to have a few projects coming along.

So, we'll see how often I can do something meaningful here. I'm guessing not more than once a week, while DH and one of the older kids are at scouts. But, we'll see.

Hope you're all doing well, and that your holidays are wonderful and safe!

P.S.) I'm on Ravelry! Just look up PassionateMind, and you'll find me. See you there!