Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still Movin' On

Just a few scenes from recent days . . .

Mr. C never feels better than when he's helping his dad. And Miss E loves to chip in whenever they'll let her.

When the piano movers showed up a week ago today to get Cadence started on her trip, I was a little nervous. Then I saw that I had some extra help on my side . . .

After all . . . with the Power Rangers to protect her, what could go wrong? ;o)

It was still a little jumpy, watching them pack her up and wheel her away. But, they're professionals, and I had video of the especially tricky parts. ;o)

Mr. B is trying valiantly to nap quietly by himself for me, so I'm going to carpe nap-em and head back into the fray . . .
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Music . . . er . . . "Monday"

Today's music is brought to you by Eric Proffitt, a man who not only wishes the world was different, but is actually working for it. I first heard You Are Mine on KZION, and it immediately became one of the top members of my short list.

This song accurately captures what marriage is for me . . . which is wonderful. (Both marriage and how this song portrays it.) As a writer and musician with small children (a full time job!), I don't have the opportunity right now to make much of my own music, or write much more than this blog. When I find things that speak to my experience and feelings, they are precious. This music really shows the shelter a strong marriage can be, the underpinning friendship and love, and the commitment that holds the whole thing together when we each have our more "human" moments/periods/eras. We're such dual beings--on one side our spouses have all of the positive, good, and lovable traits that hook us in the first place, and on the other, plenty of traits which (had we known beforehand) might have made us think twice (or more times than we did originally ;o) . . .

To listen, go to Eric's website, and click on the dark pink player that floats near the top right corner of the pages. (It's sufficiently subtle that I didn't see it for several page loads.) You'll need to click the "back" button a few times to find You Are Mine, and it starts out good and loud, so be prepared.

You Are Mine
~Eric Proffitt (Many thanks to Eric for the permission to reprint his lyrics here.)

could never be long enough
to be with you.
we'll build on what's strong in us
to see us through.
The lows and the highs
as each day falls and rises
my life's sweet surprise has
been you.

You are my springtime rain
and you are my summer sunshine
my calm in the hurricane
you are mine

Thousands of yesterdays
have brought you to me.
I know, I know, I know
every moment was meant to be.
Tomorrow has yet to be seen;
let's make it as great as our yesterday's been

You are my springtime rain
and you are my summer sunshine
my calm in the hurricane
you are mine

Today may be quite a climb
the elements combine
but we'll rise above
the storms that we'll find
I chose this
to do this
committed to this

You are my springtime rain
and you are my summer sunshine
my calm in the hurricane
you are mine . . .

Friday, May 23, 2008

News from the Front

The packing continues apace. Monday, a friend took the older munchkins for the morning. So, while the Bub napped, Vern and I tackled the toys. Holy schmoleans, was it ever a job! (Chubby* Annalea included for scale.)

(*50 pounds of pregnancy weight, and in need of a haircut, but at least the smile is a good one.)

We manged to get that job mostly finished up by the time we had to go get the kids. It was horrifying, how many toys we had amassed over the course of the last eight years and four births! We took incriminating photos of the process so well-intentioned relatives will better understand our firm "one in one out" and re-gifting policy. (We're also going to be requesting a lot of gift certificates for Christmas and Birthday seasons . . . Old Navy, anyone?)

When things get especially crazy, I've been using my favorite sling. The Bub seems to like it. ;o)

Oh, what a life he leads. Except for the slight inconveniences of having no language, no concept of the world he has plunged into, and no idea what he's in for, it's all good.

Yesterday, my Mom made the trip over to help free up some time for me to pack. The Bub sure does love his Grandma. She's the best bouncer seat around . . .

And here's a paring shot of the little guy in his first stint in the car seat.

He didn't seem to mind much. :o)

More to come later!!!
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

What an appropriate day to reappear, hmmmm? I just wanted to pop in and send warm and happy Mother's Day wishes to all of the wonderful women I've come to know in the last couple of years . . . the girls from Tuesday Knit Nights (you know who you are), and the wonderful women visitors from the blogosphere. It has been so neat getting to "know" you, and to interact with people I never would have run across otherwise. Shan's dry wit, Cami's warmth and sharp sense of humor, and everyone else.

Over here, we've had our hands full . . .

and it's wonderful. Little B is doing very, very well, and is madly beloved by his siblings and parents. I'm so glad he managed to get past my plans to "wait a few years" before the next baby. He's likely the last, and I have been enjoying him thoroughly.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day, and hopefully I'll be back into the swing of blogging soon!
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