Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pend Orielle Bay Trail -- Please help out!

I love Lake Pend Orielle, and the small communities that surround it.  Right now there is a partial trail that individuals and various organizations (both governmental and private) are working to complete, and make it safe and truly pedestrian/bicycle friendly.  Currently traversing the trail involves crossing the railroad tracks (not too tricky for adults, but hazardous for children), and it's not signed at a couple of crucial points.  Sandpoint declares itself to be a walking town, but it has been interesting to me to note there isn't any support for alternative traffic outside of the somewhat overactive ticket-doling downtown when motorists don't manage to stop in time when a pedestrian steps into the crosswalk when the motorist is too close to stop safely (i.e. without hazarding an accident by being rear-ended).

Providing access along the waterfront would be such a great addition to the community here . . . if you've got talents or abilities (or, as always, funds) you could donate to help the Pend Orielle Bay Trail effort, please go fill out one of these and send it in.  Here is the comprehensive plan, which details the current state of things, the proposed changes and features of the trail, and how it would be taken care of down the road. I think it's well-planned, and look forward to using the trail if it makes it to completion.  Even if the community must fund it out of their pockets . . . I'd be glad to help pay for it myself.

I dearly hope this project doesn't go the way of the bypass, and take nearly 60 years to get underway.  I want to be able to use this with my children when we visit!