Tuesday, December 23, 2008

News from the Snopocalypse

We're all safe and warm, thankfully.  We've had over a foot of snow, and are among the lucky ones who still have power.  Surrounding areas haven't been so blessed, so while we've had successive brownouts each evening, we're warm, illuminated, washed and fed.

And now, some evidence of the Stormaggedon.

This first one is of Cair Paravel (a.k.a. the back patio), on Sunday morning.  We thought that was an impressive amount of snow for Portland.  After all, there's about four or five inches accumulation on those chair seats.

The part you can't see in that last photo is the layer of ice over everything.  Witness other examples . . . a tree at the park:

A nearby Japanese maple:

And from this morning, (before additional inches fell), showing the astounding whiteness that the latest front dumped on our heads:

And all of this in a place that just doesn't get persistent snow, or freezing temps.

More snowy photos to follow . . .