Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drum Roll, Please

I'm definitely late to the party.   

I'm sharing anyway.  

I just realized I could schedule housework.  Ahead of time.  On. My. Calendar.  Woah. 

Let's role play, to illustrate the point:

Good Friend Calls: Hi, Annalea!  Hey, I want to get together and take our kids to PlayLand some morning.  When's good for you?

Me: Hmmmm . . . lemme see.  (I look at my calendar for the next week, and see that I've got Monday down for laundry and an activity at home with the kids, playgroup the next morning, Wednesday morning for sorting and purging old kids' clothes, Thursday for family pictures, Friday morning is the children's museum, and the entire Saturday devoted to hacking away at the garage so I can manage to park the van in there before the next rainy season starts.)  "How about a week from Tuesday?" I respond.

Good Friend: Sounds great!  Ten o' clock good for you?

Me:  Yep.  See you then!

Totally obvious.  But oh, so useful!  I think I can see great things happening around here . . .