Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Silly Little Things

I get to do one of my favorite things in a few days: install cabinet hardware in my kitchen.

I have no idea why actual handles on cabinets and drawers have fallen out of vogue, but the last four houses we've moved into haven't had them. (Full disclosure: the first of those four was the house we built, and I just hadn't chosen them yet.) This will be hardware install #3 for me, and after conquering the gut-wrenching fear of destroying the beautiful cherry cabinets in our custom home, (which I didn't do--I installed them beautifully), I have enjoyed the whole process.

The first time, for our shaker cherry cabinets I chose these beauties:

(Satin nickel was the finish for all kitchen/bath fixtures in the arts & crafts-inspired House on the Mountain.)

The second time, for cordovan-finished beech cabinets, I chose these:

(I went eclectic in the Little Grey House, and I loved these. ;o)

And now, I'm not quite back to matchy-matchy, but rather loosely coordinating with the silvery tones in the rest of the house:

(The rest of this house has silvery-tones, in varying finishes.)

I highly recommend Cabinet Hardware Designs. This is my fourth order from them (I also ordered Schlage door levers for the House on the Mountain*), and not only are their prices exceptional, their customer service is top notch and their products are high quality. The knobs and pulls above are all priced like other sellers' budget line (and less than the "cheap-o" packages at big box stores), and are just as high quality as those sold for heinously more. Shopping at Home Depot last Saturday, I saw the very same hardware on their custom display . . . and get this: while the polished chrome pulls were the same prices I paid, ($2.37 ea) the oil-rubbed bronze & other finishes were $14-something. Someone is making a killing on those, and possibly trying to take advantage of customers' naivete. To which I take exception.

(I need to do a post sometime on the House on the Mountain, which we built. Beautiful, I tell you. And a tremendous learning experience.)

So, go check out Cabinet Hardware Designs. (Both their web store and their eBay store are linked above.) I've ordered through the eBay store, as I prefer the extra level of market forces to help make sure all transactions go well (eBay's feedback feature has proven a valuable ally in the past). And have a wonderful day!