Friday, October 2, 2009


There's a steady rain falling . . . a nice, even, soothing sound. Mom has taken the kids for the last two days, and the quiet nearly deafens me from time to time. Simply wonderful. I now have both the washer and dryer hooked up (what a miracle), my closet is slowly coming to rights, and a few less boxes remain to block the way into the living room.

I now know a little of what it feels like to live near family . . . really and truly nearby. When I used to think about friends who lived close to their parents, in their own little house, with their young families, making grandma and grandpa a part of their everyday lives, I always had this comfortable, settled, complete feeling. Now, when I think about us, Vern and I and our young family, living here . . . that same feeling comes sweetly for us.


DUTA said...

Indeed, living near family can be of great help for all involved, and brings about joy and happiness to each member of the family.

Justin and Olya said...

you go , annalea! i am so happy for you! it is wonderful to be close by. enjoy ! and wishing you to settle in fast:)