Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kindhearted Miscommunication

Oh, Amazon . . . what did I ever do without you? This gem comes from the description for a folding, papasan-style chair:

"Operating guide: 1. When unfold it, one hand catch the chair's back top tube, the other hand catch the back leg tube and stretch it. 2. When fold it, let the fabric face to our body, and press down the each tube's push-button. Then push it to our body with our hands. Matters needing attention being used: 1. Please note that the max weight capacity of this folding chair is 220Lb. Exceeding this limit will damage the chair and may cause person hurt. 2. Please take care of your fingers when unfold and fold the chair. 3. Please put the chair on safe and flate place. Sit on the chair only when the chair is wholly opened. When sit on the chair, please don't incline the chair. 4. Do not sit more than two persons at the same time in case of any accidents. 5. Childre should use the chair within the guardian's visible sope. Please don't let infant use this chair. 6. When being carried, please fold the chair. Placement and Maintenance 1. The chair can't be kept in a damp environment. 2. Don't keep the chair a long time in the sun and don't use it when it is rainning and keep it away from the fire.. 3. Don't put the chair togther with the sharp article Please use rare & neutral detergent when clean the chair."

At least the author shows a genuine concern for the safety and comfort of the end-user, eh?