Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Basketweave Beanie

So, after almost ten years, I decided it was time to start writing down the things I knit from my head, and see if maybe I could help put my kids through college, or something. (And I'm not joking. I have six, yes S-I-X, progeny to launch into the world as reasonably educated and helpful human beings. I need all the help I can get . . . )

Enter, the Basketweave Beanie.

This hat began as a knit to show off a friend's amazing hand dyed yarn. Something interesting to knit, but not so busy that it would fight with the colorways of her incredible work. My first few attempts turned out VERY warm, but a bit on the large side. After a few more attempts, I produced this version as a "Welcome to the Great White North" gift as she experienced her first winter up here.

I must say that I love the way this little project keeps me entertained. Just enough ribbing to fold up if you don't need your ears covered, and more than enough to reach down below a jacket collar turned up if the weather decides to pick a fight.

And, here are my favorite crown decreases. You're welcome. :o)

Now, go buy your copy (don't freak out--that link takes you to a PayPal checkout page) and help send this horde of mine to Ivy League modest community colleges. ;o)