Thursday, October 4, 2007


A la Isabelle, via Thimbelanna, via Cami.

Like Isabelle, I don't have a large collection. However, I have wanted to collect pitchers for some time. I love their shape and the incredible variety in which they appear.

The basin and pitcher on the left is a St. Helen's Ashware piece I found on the Oregon Coast. (No . . . as much as I would have loved to have found it on the beach, it was at a gift shop. ;o) I love the creamy brown swirls and the refined and feminine lines.

The pitcher on the right is a discontinued Noritake piece I found at a local craft faire. There were all kinds of fun found objects, old signs and antique books (of which I bought a few--can't resist beautifully bound, tiny books), and this beautiful china piece. I love the botanical transfer (the opposite side shows an olive branch; just beautiful), and the way the delicate handle manages to balance the mass of the jug itself by its wide sweep.

Oh, wait! I forgot one . . .

A mystery piece from eBay, I still love it.

I'm a sucker for form and line, and pitchers definitely have both. :o)


SusieH said...

Beautiful pitchers - I think the St Helen's one is my very favorite.

And KUDOS on the superwhite walls and ceiling. I am cursing the soul who invented flat white paint. When I am queen of the world, washable eggshell finish is as flat as it will get!

Annalea said...

Thanks, Susie.

We actually have nearly-flat paint. It's not an eggshell finish, since there's very little shine; but I can definitely scrub it without serious consequences.

The builder white is definitely getting to me, though. ;o)