Friday, May 23, 2008

News from the Front

The packing continues apace. Monday, a friend took the older munchkins for the morning. So, while the Bub napped, Vern and I tackled the toys. Holy schmoleans, was it ever a job! (Chubby* Annalea included for scale.)

(*50 pounds of pregnancy weight, and in need of a haircut, but at least the smile is a good one.)

We manged to get that job mostly finished up by the time we had to go get the kids. It was horrifying, how many toys we had amassed over the course of the last eight years and four births! We took incriminating photos of the process so well-intentioned relatives will better understand our firm "one in one out" and re-gifting policy. (We're also going to be requesting a lot of gift certificates for Christmas and Birthday seasons . . . Old Navy, anyone?)

When things get especially crazy, I've been using my favorite sling. The Bub seems to like it. ;o)

Oh, what a life he leads. Except for the slight inconveniences of having no language, no concept of the world he has plunged into, and no idea what he's in for, it's all good.

Yesterday, my Mom made the trip over to help free up some time for me to pack. The Bub sure does love his Grandma. She's the best bouncer seat around . . .

And here's a paring shot of the little guy in his first stint in the car seat.

He didn't seem to mind much. :o)

More to come later!!!
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