Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just for Fun

This is too cute:

And hold on to your sides, because this is too funny:

Americans are just weird.

I don't recommend the rest of the site, but that post is hilarious.


Lucy said...

Love it. Especially giving unsupervised kids espresso and puppies. Do you think we could do that in supermarkets to kids who are screaming their heads off and being ignored by their parents? Hmmm...
Thanks for the support on the yarn diet - and hey, if you spot me cheating, you can alert my hubby, and he'll prod me for you. I think he's quite keen on the whole 'reduce the stash' idea. Our lodger is moving out this week, and I think hubby was afraid I'd just use the whole spare room as a big cupboard for wool!

camillaknits said...

Hey, chica. The link was hysterical, the kitchen drama very edge-of-my-seat, except I *never* would have thought to find the shut-off valve (I don't do wet and under-pressure well), but mostly, and I *did* have a reason for piping up... where have you parked your longies pattern? It is desperately required. Please advise. Hoping no other household disasters befall you... C