Thursday, November 20, 2008

Common Sense Holidays

This is some of the best common sense about the holiday season that I've ever read.  It's from the Managing Your Life blog, written by Rebecca herself:

"One thing I've found with Christmas, birthdays or any holiday, is that while the build-up is tremendously exciting, it also puts super duper pressure on one day. In that sense, it's always going to be a bit of a let-down when the day is over. I used to save every little purchase, whether gifts or fun food for Christmas day; in an attempt to make it as magically wonderful as possible. There is really no amount of anything that can take away the fact that the day will end; you will not be able to play with all the games received or eat all the food prepared... Cutting back and spreading the cheer to more than just one day has helped me and my family be more fully excited about the entire season."

We've been discussing, Vern and I, this kind of thing, and trying to figure out how to spread the holidays out over as many days as possible.  Rebecca just said it so clearly, I had to share.  (Not much clear thinking is going on in my head right now . . . sick kids, little & late sleep, and a losing laundry battle are taking their toll. lol)

G'night . . . 


Rebecca said...

I'm getting a big head. Thanks so much for liking what I had to say!! Next week I am posting some of the ways I go about spreading the cheer. Thanks again. It's great to know someone's reading :)

Lucy said...

Thanks for the idea about the corks - brilliant! I would never have thought to look, but you really can find anything on ebay! Hopefully in a few days I might have a heap of corks to finish off my noticeboard... I didn't quite realise how big I'd made it until I looked at the picture!