Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Introducing "Tuesday Tips!" at the Passionate Mind.

As if I already didn't have enough to do, I thought I'd come up with yet another day-related theme for the blog.

Tuesday Tips!

Each Tuesday, I'll regale you with a "how-I-do-things" kind of tip, and I'd love it if you'd leave one of yours in the comments.  Sort of like a modern "Hints from Heloise".

And so, without further ado, I give you this week's installment of . . . 

Tuesday Tips!

In my house, we use good ol' fashioned, handmade, bar soap for hands.

Have you ever seen a soap dish after even one small child has used the bar soap in it?


So, at my house, we have a protocol for bar soap usage.  While it may seem a little extreme, if you've ever had to be the one responsible for cleaning the bathroom, you'll understand completely.

How to Wash One's Hands Without Making a Mess
(This is the version I use when I help 3yo Lil'MissL wash her hands.)

  1. Turn on the water.
  2. Wet one hand.
  3. Pick up the soap with your other, still dry, hand.
  4. Rub some soap off onto the wet hand.
  5. Put the soap back in its place, damp side up.
  6. Wet your dry hand.
  7. Make bubbles.
  8. Scrub.
  9. Rinse
  10. Dry

--Humbly subimtted in the hope that someone, some day, will no longer be enslaved to the rigorous toil of de-sliming a soap dish. ;o)


Rebecca said...

I love the "Tuesday Tips" idea. Something that becomes a habit for us may seem silly to share, but others are often looking for little tidbits to simplify their lives as well.

Maria said...

Wow! My kids are in such a hurry, not sure they'd remember to follow protocol! Love your Tuesday Tips! I stopped by from the Coffee Swap!!

Annalea said...

I find that once the kids get the high points in their heads, they can remember how to do it.

The biggest one is:

Handle the soap with a dry hand, so you don't get the soap wet.

Everything else works itself out from there. :o)

Jelly Wares said...

Great tip!!!! I have a little 2yr old that's learning to wash her hands at the monent and is making an absolute mess!!!!!! I'll teach her your technique and see how we go..

Jodie :)

Shan said...

Yeah, I like bar soap but I switched to pump for tidiness reasons.

Hey, I meant to reply to your comment re: Venetia - yes, Venetia is one of my all-time favourites. "Stoopid!" It's often re-read, although my real, number one, desert island Heyer book is A Civil Contract.

The only Heyers I haven't finished are:
-Spanish Bride
-My Lord John
-Simon the Coldheart
-Royal Escape

But I WILL! One of these days when there is nothing more interesting to read...since those ones can be a little, shall we say, ungripping.