Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Honestly Good Time

Today, I hitched up my big girl pants and went to see an old friend.  Yes, I was nervous.  I think I did a good job of not coming across that way.  (How did I do, Ang?)

The kids and I all descended on Angela's home, and we gabbed and caught up and smiled at the baby and ate lunch, and just generally had a really nice time.  It's such an interesting process, bringing a long-standing friendship into the present, and reacquainting yourself with this new, adult version of your friend.

Here's the photographic evidence:

Angela and I really haven't seen each other since high school.  (Once? At Kristy's cookie decorating party over Christmas break of '94?)  If I thought seeing "grown up" pictures of friends from high school on Facebook was fun, actually going and visiting the grown up version beats the photos with a stick. :o)

Here are Angela and her exceptionally decent and nice husband, Padraic.

There was a considerable amount of chaos during the visit (especially when the talking Dinoco helicopter made repeated landings on the coffee table), but it all worked out really well.  The melee was fairly well-spread . . . 

And, my next-to-most-favorite part about the visit . . . 

A shower curtain shrine to the Periodic Table.  Complete with rubber ducky hooks. :o)

Thanks for the great afternoon, Angela.  Let's do it again, soon!


The High Family said...

Where did she get that shower curtain!? It's sooo cool!

Annalea said...

Think, I believe. If we needed a shower curtain, I would so get one.

It was fascinating. I think every school should have one. There's something about the sheer scale of the thing, and it being right in your face, instead of high up on the wall, or in a book, that makes it feel so accessible.

My Chemistry teacher, Mr. Ramonda, would love it.

Rachel's Roost said...

How fun to see your family! You are brave to homeschool! But I admire that. Your children are darling and it's been fun to catch up a bit this way! Hurray for facebook!

Thimbleanna said...

You two look adorable! That shower curtain is AWESOME! I'm thinking that would be a cool little graduation gift for my Chem major son this spring. I wish I knew if he'll have a shower curtain need in the upcoming future LOL!

Angela M. Russell said...

The shower curtain did in fact come from They have many very cool items there.

I really enjoyed seeing Annalea and her kids. I am not sure I realized how far I had come since highschool until that moment.

Annalea, we should absolutely make getting together a regular event!