Saturday, April 11, 2009

State of my State

Computer is up and running (typing on the fantastically crisp and minimalistic keyboard right now). Some of my mac expertise is coming back from long-lost high school journalism days . . . but I'm still fumbling with the whole control/option/command rearrangement.

I'm feeling 65.

Cat fence project nears completion . . . not bad for only 1-2 hours to spend on it daily. (Details to follow on why we need such a fence.)

Laundry, dishes, general cleaning, and all other aspects of running the house have fallen completely by the wayside as I've tried to finish the cat fence.

I miss my Insert key something fierce. At least I can use my familiar mouse . . . even if it doesn't please one's aesthetics like the Mighty Mouse.

The daffodils bloom brightly, accompanied by little purple pansies I planted nearly a fortnight ago.

And I honestly believe that it's a cruel world that foists such insane complexity upon a woman without simultaneously providing a way for her to hire a good cook & housekeeper.

How has your week gone? :o)


Shan said...

Macs and I are oil and water. I like to be able to delete FORWARDS as well as backwards, with one key.

It always messes me up on Rav as well, when I hit Ctrl-Delete to try to forward-delete a whole word, and get a Blockquote instead. Aaargh!

Lucy said...

Oh dear, hope you feel better soon. I'm feeling achy all over right at the mo - spent the day re-felting the shed roof!
Would love to see how your laceweight spinning goes. I've done some cables so far, I'm not brave enough to try long draw without a tutor! I'm going to have to find time to get back to my spinning guild. Hope you're enjoying your weekend - do you get Monday off as well? We have a public holiday Good Friday and Easter Monday, so a lovely long weekend!