Monday, December 13, 2010

Every Teacher An Artist

In the heart of an artist lies passion.  Passion achieve, passion to excel.  Whether artistry lies in visual medium, written word, audible expressions, in the act of teaching, or in some other arena, every teacher must be an artist, else education dies in utero as students are taught boredom instead of curiosity, plodding instead of enthusiasm, apathy instead of passion. through the indomitable lesson of example.

     "Passion occurs when we engage with energy in accomplishing great things, though they may seem small or simple at the time.  While most people seek peace, comfort and security, those with a Leadership Education understand that the place of leaders is in the middle of change and even crisis.  Living and working with passion means that you thrive in times of challenge as well as peace.  An education that creates life-long passion is worth every bit of effort and study; anything less falls short."

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