Friday, December 10, 2010


My brain needs exercise.  (So does my body, but I've still got two weeks of post-partum recovery before I can do much of that.)

I was reading Seth Godin's blog tonight, and then it hit me, as I read this post: I want to blog like Seth does.  He's mindful, and thoughtful, and shares (in succinct and clear ways) his thoughts.  Most of his posts are short (really short).  Some are longer, and deserve to be.  Many of them pose questions of some kind.  But they're all really, really good.  (Granted, he has written a dozen books (maybe more--I'm not counting), and has blogged for years, so he's got something on me there . . . )

But I can think, too.

I can read more of his blog. (Good writing rubs off.)

And I can be more mindful--and blog it.

So, here an experiment: Blog like Seth.  I wonder if I can turn it into a movement? ;o)