Thursday, March 22, 2007

My first handspun.

In all it's glory. ;o) About an ounce of 2-ply woollen-spun Merino in a colorway I can't remember (I'll fix it later, promise!) bought locally. I spun it on a drop spindle I made myself following instructions at The Joy of Handspinning.

I plied this with my spindle, using some leftover doweling from the spindle project laid across a notched child's size shoebox to hold the singles. I have two more bobbins of singles I spun waiting to be twisted some more on my spinning wheel before plying. We'll see what happens with that another day. . .


Lisa said...

Your yarn is beautiful! I don't think that I could ever spin on a spindle. Too slow. I'm all about instant gratification, LOL!

Oh, and I did do the provisional cast on. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be though I did have a bugger of a time unzip the chain later, so I must have goofed up somewhere. But the actual "cast on" part was easy.

Jennifer said...

LOVELY!! I applaud your color choice as well, it turned out beautiful. 1200 more yards & you've got a sweater. no pressure.
BTW, I posted a comment to Tsock Tsarina's blog answering your 'Joe' question :)