Monday, March 26, 2007

Sock Yarn Frenzy

Over the weekend, I sort of bought some sock yarn. Okay, a lot of sock yarn. But, it's for socks, right? Very useful, beautiful, comfy, "See-how-much-I-love-you,-I-knit-you-some-socks" yarn.

See for yourself:

Clearanced Knit Picks Memories Merino sock yarn in Gladiolus, Easter & Hawaii. (I think the Easter colorway is a misnomer, though. The Paper Dolls colorway below looks more like Easter to me--the green is the very color of green plastic Easter basket grass.)

More sock yarn--and just $1 a skein. My kind of socks; except that the AnderMan has claimed these stripes for himself. :o)

This is a 14oz lot of scrums I found on eBay. Too impatient for the auction to end, I bought-it-now, and paid for this what I paid for 100g of sock yarn new. I'm going to have fun with this. ;o)

For scale . . . I don't have a good scale that measures in grams (yet), so you'll have to get a basic idea this way.

Then, on Saturday, Vern loaded all of the munchkins in the Honda and we all went to town so I could spend an hour at my favorite LYS, Stitchin' Sisters. Isn't Audra just beautiful? She's one of my favorite people, honestly. She started Stitchin' Sisters to provide a place for women to build strength in each other . . . and she knows how to run a fun shop, too. (The items below were all from the Spring Sale--30% off! Woo-hoo!) She carries yarn, quilting fabric and most notions/accessories you could imagine (she also has stuff for needle felting & embroidering).

A skein of Collinette Zanziba (wool, viscose, and a little nylon) destined as a scarf/neckwarmer thingie for me, and a skein of lovely sport weight brown virgin wool from a farm in Bonner's Ferry Idaho (destiny unknown--I just love local fiber that's not outrageously priced!).

Some sock yarn for me. (The sock yarn above is all for the kids, so I'm justified, right? ;o) Regia Bamboo Color and Panda Wool from Crystal Palace. (I'm beginning to fall in love with Crystal Palace, btw. They have some really gorgeous yarns, and their bamboo dpn's are my favorite so far.)

Some Fortissima Cotton Socka for Vern. He's big on comfy socks, but he hasn't ever known anything as nice as these are going to be. Hopefully I'll be able to work him into something more colorful in a while. This is just for starters. (And it will go with the black Keen Newport sandals that he wears for "formal" occasions. {chuckle})

Last week, before the yarn bonanza, I, um, {ahem, cough cough} bought some knitting books, too.

When I saw Stephanie's Rib Warmer, I knew I needed this book. I'm knitting socks & a sweater out of "Knitting Without Tears", and I dearly love Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Someday I'll save up my Amazon reward certificates and buy the set of DVD's that were recently released of her PBS series; but for now, I'm going to have to just read it. I also decided that I really and truly needed something to supplement my daily dose of the Harlot:


And, I decided I needed some good ideas on what to do with all of the lovely, lovely lonesome skeins that I've got in my stash. (Alpaca, lovely soft wool, pretty mercerized cotton, etc.)

In other news, here are status shots on some of my WIP's. (I'm hoping to get a line on some progress meters for the sidebar soon.) The socks I started for myself in KP Dancing haven't grown since I started socks for the baby, but I'll get back to them . . . honest.

Socks for the baby, in Knit Picks Memories "Paper Dolls" following EZ's instructions in KWT. (I still say this colorway should be called "Easter". Can't you just see the pastel candy chocolate eggs and plastic grass in those colors?)

Sleeve #1 on the baby's cardigan. Knit Picks Crayon in Periwinkle, held double, knit on #6 needles. (KP Options for the body, Brittany birch dpn's for the sleeves.) The body is long enough to join the sleeves now, so I've got to get moving so I've got some sleeves to graft in. The baby simply adores this yarn--she has been known to come and cuddle with the ball while I'm knitting. (It's the cutest thing you've ever seen, too.)

And, best for last . . . my nightstand. :o)

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