Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catching Up

So, since the last update for Firefox broke the "Add Image" bit in blogger, I've been photo impaired. We'll see if Picasa will play nicely tonight . . .

I've been keeping busy, now that I'm not feeling so gunky and tired. Well, still tired, but not so gunky. My head nearly feels normal again. Hooray!

Since I've been reading Thimbleanna's blog, I've been inspired to do a little sewing. Granted, nothing nearly as beautiful as what she's been up to, but this project definitely has a high cute factor, and it's going to be very, very useful.

Pattern: Shar's Newborn Fitted (outside four dipes), and Shar's Newborn Fitted with umbilical scoop (middle two).
Fabrics: Various types. Cotton woven (bandana print), cotton flannel (top left), cotton sherpa fleece (inner lining on left two), organic unbleached birdseye (inners on middle two), and cotton knit (outers on middle & right two, inners on right two).

Notes: These are pretty straightforward turned & topstitched diapers. The outside four have a sewn-in soaker between the inner and outer layers, and the middle two have three complete body layers (two birdseye and one knit) with a three layer external soaker attached just at the inside front. These are newborn size, so they don't need to be uber-absorbent, and thinner dipes make for cleaner and faster drying dipes. I can always add in another doubler, if need be. They're all fastened with poly-resin snaps, affixed with a Snap Store press (which I looooove), and it makes for additional cute factor since I can pick fun colors. I just love playing with fabric, combining colors and patterns, and making cute little things. These were diaper cuts or fat quarters, with the exception of the yellow ones--those outers were cut from a 5T t-shirt that my niece outgrew. If you look closely, you can see the shoulder seams on the wings in front. I love recycling fabrics this way . . . especially when they're free! Someday, I'll graduate to "grown-up" fabrics . . . but for now, this is good practice. ;o)

Next up, my horribly tardy Baby a Baby Swap swag showed up more than a week ago. I'm so sorry, Heather, that it has taken me this long to get it posted! I had a good time knitting for my partner (who hasn't yet posted her swag due to the birth of her son right after she got her package--which I completely understand!), and I'm really pleased with the goodies that appeared on my porch (brought by my favorite man in the big brown truck ;o).

Without further ado, the baby swag:

There is a pair of longies knit in a really nicely dense gauge, with jean-inspired details. (I should have taken a shot of the back, so you could see the little pocket outlines!) For added fun, there's a sweet little baby book, and two receiving blankets, which will see plenty of use. It's good to have some new ones, since all of mine are looking fairly worn out after four babies. ;o) And, to top it all off, there's a beautiful handmade, color-coordinated card from Heather. I just love it, and suspect it's going to turn into a page element in the baby book. Thanks so much, Heather!!!

And now, I just need to figure out what to make with these little stash items . . . .

Two really pretty woven placemats, coordinating blue napkins, and fun buttons. A knitting needle book? Crochet hook keeper? Or something else entirely?

And these . . .

Two fat quarters in wonderful, warm fall colors, and adorable little leaf buttons.

Ideas are welcome . . . I was thinking knitting organization, or a purseket, but I'm open to ideas.

Have a great night!!!