Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 Things I Would Never Have in My Kitchen

Just following Melly's lead:

1. White sugar. (It's stored elsewhere for making hummingbird nectar. In my house it's "Hummingbird Sugar", and not for human consumption.)

2. White bread


4. Commercial pork (Have you read about how the stuff is raised? What the animals are fed? How this all affects the meat?)

5. Commercial beef (see pork comments above)

6. Food coloring (my daughter is highly sensitive to it, especially red . . . she bounces off the ceiling and sometimes exhibits mildly autistic behavoir . . . talk about scary!)

7. Non-foods (i.e. converted white rice, processed cheese "food")

8. Things that contain ingredients I can't pronounce or buy retail.

9. Splenda/Nutrasweet

10. MSG

1 comment:

melly~ said...

anything that has to put 'food' on the label so it's recognized as such probably shouldn't be eaten at all.

Loved your list!