Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I Learned Today

Intestinal viruses are tenacious, nasty things.

Sunlight will remove stains and odors only if the cause of said stain or odor has been thoroughly removed first.

Finally breaking down and buying long-sleeved onesies, since the weather refuses to warm up, immediately brings on record temps.

Gerber sizing is stingy, and their onesies shrink when washed according to package directions. (Buy Carter's or the Target brand instead.)

The weather precipitated by the onesie purchase is only fun if you get to spend it somewhere either cool or near water.

Mothering a two-month old baby and two older children who still take naps is not conducive to actually getting to go to either of the aforementioned hot-weather-fun places. (Then again, with a post-partum body like mine, actually getting into the water isn't exactly considered a public service . . . )

I'm hypoglycemic.* Fun.