Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mutant Play Dough Munchkins

The kids were hankerin' to play with play dough the other day, so I stopped by the store on the way home from an errand (registering the van, not as painful as I thought) and picked up the things I didn't have in the house: white flour, veg oil & food coloring. It's funny . . . those, along with the white sugar, are up on a pantry shelf together in the "not for human consumption" section. (The sugar is for the hummingbirds.)

So, making play dough was interesting. Easy, quick, and not too messy. Here are the kids goin' at it:

The Anderman, displaying his work, while Lil'MissL happily chops away with a butter knife on MrC's kayak fleet.

MissE, carefully explaining the finer workings of a play dough kayak.

MrC, (aka ChickenScratch), providing his insights on the finer points of play dough kayak construction. As you can see, he's a master builder with a fleet of aquadynamic vessels.

The night before, playing with some commercial PD MissE was given at church:

I don't remember what prompted the pink boils, but they sure got into it.

And MrC's crowning achievement: a play dough pirate ship.

And, just because I need some warm fuzzies today, a photo of my favorite part of my little house, complete with hydrangeas and roses from the front yard.

Have a great Tuesday, evereyone. I'm sure going to try. (Oh. I guess it's Wednesday, isn't it . . . )