Monday, September 1, 2008


Socks are the bane of my existence.

Not my own. Not Vern's. I mean little, disparate, smelly, mischievous munchkin socks.

I picked up 21 socks from my downstairs tonight: 17 icky, dirty ones and two clean pair. They were everywhere . . . under furniture, behind things, mixed into the toys, under the kitchen table . . . and this is during sandal season, when I try to keep the kids out of socks as much as possible.

At least there weren't any in the piano.

Hopefully the slight, but persistent, smell I've been chasing today is now banished. Ugh. Maybe there's a reason I haven't knit socks for the kids that are big enough to remove their own footwear.

I think it's time I go and do some reading on the barefoot movement.


TopHat said...

I didn't know there WAS a barefoot movement. I should do that- do you think you can do that at church? When I sat down in the pew Sunday, I looked down to my heels and found that my shoes had caused both of them to bleed! McKay had to go find bandaids.

As for socks, I think I'll do the mismatched thing. I found and I love the concept! It works well with knitting, too- because we know no two socks are ever knitted the same.

CJ said...

I thought it was only at my house that the socks roamed free. I think that they get out of the hamper and breed in the corners. Then, like rabbits, they infest all the closets, and hide under the couches. We are always having the girls chase down all the socks from around the house. That's what we get for having a no-shoes-in-the-house rule.

Shan said...

Is that clock there in order to remind me not to spend too much time on the blogs?

If so, thank you. I shall take that under advisement.

Annalea said...

Actually, it's to keep me from staying up too late. Everything else is bonus. ;o)