Thursday, January 1, 2009

Still in absentia

I know I haven't blogged much, or very well, for quite some time. I find that the blog* often reflects my state of mind and health. The better and more peaceful I feel, the higher the quality and quantity of posts.

*Isn't it interesting how usually blogs are referred to by their owners as "the blog", as if it is an entity unto itself, not wholly owned by the author? Like "the mall" or "the country". I guess, though, that without readers a blog wouldn't be nearly as much fun, so maybe a "the" is more appropriate.

I've been sitting here, reading the No Impact Man blog, and researching thyroid disorder symptoms (the dizziness and swelling lip of the last few days now make sense--hallelujah). What a way to ring in the New Year, eh?

Well, whether or not I'm particularly festive tonight is beside the point. I'm just glad to have found some information that's helpful, so that maybe I'll be back to blogging soon. Typing with swollen fingers is a chore.

Hope you all had a wonderful and festive New Year's Eve, and that the New Year brings you much health, true happiness, and loving family and friends.


SusieH said...

New Year wishes for happiness and health winging your way...

pdxknitterati said...

Happy new year! Now that you have a hint of what the issue is, you can work on conquering it. Good luck!