Saturday, June 9, 2007

How I knit socks.

So, Camilla made a sly swipe at those of us who are still knitting socks in the dark ages, assuming that all dpn sock knitters are top-down sock knitters as well.

Well. ;o)

I hate sliding the circulars back and forth as I knit socks, but I hate the guessing game of trying to get every last inch of precious, expensive sock yarn turned into socks. So, I knit toe up with dpn's. (So does Amy King, btw.) And yes, that's the Crystal Palace Panda Wool reincarnated as toe-up socks, using the pattern from the latest IK. It's just as fun to knit the second time as it was the first. :o)


camillaknits said...

Okay, okay... I realize I may have stepped on a few, uh, toes with my toe-up socks comment... I was just recently introduced to the two at a time method, so I have the zeal of the recently converted. I do still love the shortie dpns from Crystal Palace. When they initially refused to take me as a vendor I was furious, because I gauge their presence in a yarn shop as a mark of quality (like finding 2mm addi's in a 40" length is another benchmark for me now). If I were less easy to confuse, the one sock at a go wouldn't scare me so much. Things just have to match sooo perfectly... it's a total curse! I left you a comment at my blog, in my defense *wink* Cami

ccr in MA said...

I'm thinking of trying toe-up socks myself next time, especially as I've just been gifted with a small (but lovely) amount of yarn, so I wouldn't want to run out before I hit the toe! If I use it to make socks, toe-up will be the way to go!

camillaknits said...

Cami here again... Tuesday evening... really late, but so brain fried from a day of yarn shopping (for the store, not 'personal stash'). It seems there is a new breed of 'vulture' out in the wild, called a "yarn rep". Happily, I'd just ordered from a really sweet sock yarn importer and so wasn't lured by the offer of a few buck a skein off. Seriously, what the heck am I getting into... is it to late to check myself into a mental ward? just needed to vent and since I'm relatively anonymous here. Gah. I need sleep... and chocolate. What're you up to? There's the 'times 9'tables written out on the fridge door, so I guess someone *did school* today. The toddler walks around the house with a toy phone stuck to his ear... this isn't boding well. Show me something knitted; I can't seem to find time for much lately. Cami