Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not Dead Yet.

Just up to my eyeballs. Life happens, you know. ;o)

Just a quick rundown of what has been going on:

1. Haircut. From below my shoulder blades to now just brushing the tops of my shoulders, with a fun little flip at the end.

2. Yard work.

3. House work. (It was really getting to me, and we all pitched in. Can't let it get that far away ever again!)

4. Dump runs. Up here in the wilds, there are county-run garbage dumps all over the place, because there is no standardized waste pickup service. (And Waste Management doesn't like to drive up 20% grades with 6" of snow pack, either.) We've been taking, literally, truckloads of hud to the dump. All junk that has been sucking the life force out of me for nearly a decade. Vern is an absolute Saint for moving so many boxes of just plain refuse six times in the last eight years. The next time we move, we'll be lightening our loads considerably. I already feel better. ;o)

5. Family time.

6. Kiddo time.

7. Grown-up time.

8. Knitting time. I've been going into the local LYS for their Tuesday UFO night, and having a great time. It's good to have a couple of hours of girl talk, even if I'm not doing much talking. And, it makes for good knitting, too. I'm working on a sweater for the next line item, and I'm to the boring stockinette part, so it's perfect for Tuesday night.

9. New niece. Hooray!!! My brother & SIL just had their first little girl earlier this week. It's amazing, and I can't wait to see her in person. Since they went and moved all the way to Tejas, it's not likely that I'll see her until Christmas . . . she'll be six months old! Waaaaa . . . . I'm really close to my brother, and I love his wife dearly, and it was really hard being so far away at such a monumental time in their lives. I'll have to console myself with watching reruns in the afterlife, and knitting lots of adorable little things for the 9lb, 20.5" roundy little thing. (She's so cute! Even as a newborn, she's adorable.)

10. New work at church. I've accepted a volunteer position to work in the children's program at church, and it's taking some time. Weekly meetings, and then time to prepare my part of the gig and time on Sunday. Right now we've got an average of 38 children between the ages of 3 & 11 for nearly an hour, and it takes the wind right out of your sails, I tell you. We're working on splitting it into two groups (3-7 & 8-11), but that won't happen for at least a week, maybe two. Wish me luck . . .

And that's about all I can think of right now. I really am alive, and I'll try to see if blogging really fits in with my everyday life, and if so, at what level. I've really been feeling a need to immerse myself in my family--the kids are growing up so incredibly fast (my oldest is almost 8--EIGHT, I tell you! He's halfway to legal adulthood already. What happened?!?!?!?), and I can't bear to be a mother in absentia any longer. I'll have loads of time to knit and blog and be social when they're older and flown. But for now, I'll blog in moderation, and try to remember to take some good knitting photos soon.

For now, some garden eye candy. (I just love June, don't you?)

And a smile as you go . . .