Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby A Baby Swap Questionnaire

Survey Says . . . .

1a) What is your favorite yarn?

I love soft wool yarn, especially Australian or Peruvian/South American products. Like PureWool, and Plymouth Outback wool. Come to think of it, Paton's Classic Merino or Lion Wool are pretty darn nice, too. (Can you tell I like natural fibers?) Oh, and I love cotton, bamboo and soft hemp, too.

1b) Favorite colors?

I love "baby" colors for a new baby. Soft pinks, purples, greens, yellows, blues. Since I don't know if this bub is a girl or boy, I'm up for anything. But, then again, I'm fine with surprises too: bright or rich reds, blues & greens with yellow or orange accents are always fun.

1c) What is your least favorite?

Long story short: synthetics. My least favorite fiber EVER is polyester. Can't stand to touch the stuff. Very close second is acrylic. (Although Lion Brand's new Vanna's Choice surprised me mightily.) Nylon is fine, if it's in a blend with something, since it's so close to wool on a molecularly-speaking.

2) Knit, crochet, both?

Both--but I like knitting a lot more for things that will see regular or hard use, instead of simply decorative or light use (like a baby bonnet or table runner).

3) How long have you been knitting/crocheting? Who taught you? Why did you want to learn?

Crocheting: Nearly 20 years.
Knitting: 2 years.

4) What is your favorite snack/sweet?

Ben & Jerry's (nearly any flavor), or Soy Delicious Mint Marble Fudge. Endangered Species or Dagoba chocolate come in a very close second

5) What did you want to be when you grew up?

Active, involved, and contributing meaningfully to the lives of those around me. But when I was five, I called it "a Mom".

6) What names would you NEVER consider for a baby?

Balthazar. Methuselah. David (Do you know how MANY David's there are out there?). Delbert.
Margaret. Erma (with apologies to Ms. Bombeck, whose writing I adore). Pearl.

7) What things did you, as a child, vow to never to do your children, but have since decided that you will? For example, we weren't allowed sugar-coated cereal growing up and I told my parents I'd NEVER do that to my kids. After some life experience, I think my parents were pretty smart in that decision.

I thought I'd never sound like my parents . . . that I'd somehow manage to make my own parenting style completely distinct from theirs. They were good parents, and did an excellent job. But I just have a different take on things. Either way . . . I'm still working on that. ;o)

8) What is your favorite thing about being a parent/expectant parent?

How much I'm in love with my children, and how much fun we can have.