Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WIP Wednesday

It has been a while since I posted some WIP photos, so here's a little parade for you. ;o)

It looks like more than it really is . . . honest! ;o)

The Christmas Easter Shawlette. Had to frog 1/3 of it the last time I touched it, so I'm not really feelin' the love for this right now. Maybe in a few weeks . . .

Big girl's mittens. Well, 1/3 of one mitten. I bought her some on clearance at JCPenney (I know, bad knitter, bad knitter!), and so I'm not sure what this yarn will be for next. It's Plymouth Handpaints, a bulky single-ply. (I usually hate single ply, but this is such a pretty colorway, and it's good for mittens and other things that need to have no holes.)

The Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl in Knit Picks Shadow. It's about to the point where I could change patterns and put a border on it . . . but I have no border. I'm pretty zzzzz'd with the FCSS pattern now, and I want something fresh, something new, something not the same as I've knit for a few thousand stitches already. ;o) I sense a lace stitch dictionary in my future . . .

MS3/Swan Lake. This is gorgeous, beautiful, and I'm looking forward to working on it again sometime. After I'm done with the custom knitting I'm working on right now, and have finished some more woolly goods for the new baby, and have gotten the newborn cloth diapers finished up.

The Anderman's hat. It's done! I'm still trying to get a good picture of it on someone--I'll be sure to post it when I do get one. It's a hard color to capture. :oP

Anderman mittens. These were the project that put me over the edge a year ago during my next-to-last bout of morning sickness. I haven't been able to work on them since, and he's got a good pair from Land's End (sic), so this is going to go back into the stash after a visit to the frog pond.

Pink custom longies for the lady who ordered the pair I've been working on so far. These are going to be frogged and knit from the top down, I think. Or maybe I'll keep the legs I've got done and knit the hips from the top down and graft the two together. I do like a good grafting challenge. Hehehehe.

Bellflower lace scarf. This is in some wonderfully soft Kid n Ewe yarn (a wool/mohair blend), which I was able to supplement with a purchase from a nice lady over at Ravelry. This takes real brain power, though, so it has been on hold. (Pregnancy brain is NOT good at lace knitting.)

The Round Dishcloth. I had to knit this when I saw Susan's version for Dish Rag Tag. It was really pretty. I got this pattern free online somewhere, though, and can't find it now. If anyone knows where it is, please do tell me! Hmmm . . . maybe I'll go check out Susan's blog.

Found it!

And, last but absolutely not least, the Cargo Longies!

I finished attaching the elastic and sewing down the waistband on Tuesday, and clean forgot about the pockets until I went to mail them off this morning. Whoops. So, I spent my knitting time today knitting little pockets and flaps, and sewing them all down. (Oh, and sewing on buttons, too.) It was kind of fiddly, and I'm not sure I'll do it on any such things for myself (well, maybe if I picked up stitches on the back of the flap and knit the pocket down from that, instead of knitting them separately and then sewing them together. Ick.)

Here's an action shot, to show you the cute little cargo pockets. Not too shabby . . .

. . . Eh?

And lastly, just for kicks, my favorite new knitting toy:

The Poulder Pocket Scale.

Accurate as anything (it weighed more than 20 nickels perfectly--5 grams each), weighs to 1/10th of a gram, tiny, and perfect for splitting sock yarn skeins, or weighing leftovers, or what-have-you. It's also great for letters and all kinds of other things. If you're looking for a good scale, this is a great one. There was only one bad review at Amazon on it, and it was the kind of thing where an exchange for another one from Amazon could have easily fixed the problem.

And now, it's off to make some dinner for the restless posse. Have a great Wednesday!