Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not So Bad

Yesterday was quite the day.

You know how, in every large undertaking, there comes a point when you'd like to say "Check please?" and go whimper in a corner for the rest of the day? Yep. Yesterday was all that and more.

I had this brilliant post planned, in honor of the day. It would read:


Gone To Moving Hell.

Be back later.


And then, Vern told me about something he read. About a young woman in the middle east, and what she has had to experience. What a day is like for her, in a ruthless and war-torn place.

Suddenly, my day didn't seem like much.

Vern told me he would rather live in what we consider Moving Hell for every day of the rest of his life than live in her world. And I complete agree. For all of the things that bother us, for that matter, despite all of the things that make up the daily fodder for my little corner of the blogosphere, we live a charmed and easy life. So today, count your blessings, one by one, and be thankful that you don't live where she does.

So, while I don't ever want to move house again (even though we'll have to at least once more), this just really is not so bad.

Not so bad at all.