Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things I've Learned: Moving Edition

1. Moving truck interiors are smaller than they appear.

2. No matter how carefully you plan, you’ll still spend the first week without dishcloths or trash cans in the house, spreading butter with a grapefruit knife.

3. Ditto for the tools you need to set up the washer and dryer for at least 10 days.

4. Children + moving = chaos2

5. Food prices being equal, it will take you at least three months to get a shopping routine established to the point where you’re not spending double your food budget for your usual fare.

6. It will take an inordinate amount of time to establish internet service. Despite the fact that DSL only takes a few keystrokes to set up, it will take at least two days. And even though it only takes half an hour to actually set up cable internet service, it will be at least a week. I <3 bureaucracy. (The spelling says it all: just like committee.)

7. Without Google, I'm pretty helpless.

8. Even though it’s only four days from when the WIPs were packed to when they’ll be delivered, you find yourself wandering the house aimlessly, agitated and fidgety, with hands that feel oddly empty.

9. Freecell becomes your surrogate WIP.

10. Without all of your stuff hanging around, it's easy to see how little you really need.

Now, off to foray for diapers. (Hoping to actually find Costco or Target . . . ) Wish me luck!