Thursday, January 28, 2010

So. Random.

I have about fifty blog posts run through my head in a given day.  And time for about .374 posts/day.

I love books.  Right now I would love to tell Amazon to send me about fourteen.  My juvenile library is pathetic, and already exhausted.  But.  I currently have no library, so they would need to live in cardboard boxes until I build one.  Which will probably not be finished until about a year from now.  I think the kids and I are going to the library today.  Very, very soon.

I'm an ENFJ. Vern is an INTJ.  (Supposedly we're really ill-matched. ;o)  Luckily, knowing how our personalities differ makes it possible for us to eke out an existence together.

What are you?


TopHat said...

When I took the official Meyer-Briggs test in high school, I was strongly INFJ. I just took your test now- and I'm INFJ again, though not as strongly on the I part (only 22%) or the J part (only 1%!!) The N and F are strong though.

Thimbleanna said...

That was fun! I'd taken the Meyer-Briggs test years ago and forgotten what I was -- I think it turned out the same -- I'm an ISTJ. Hmmm -- does that mean I'd get along better with your hubby LOL???

Annalea said...

@TopHat: isn't it interesting to see how we change over the years? I've gone back and forth from exrovert to introvert (during the depression decade) and now back to extrovert. It feels good to be myself again. :o)

@Anna: lol Maybe so!

I'm only off from his "natural match" by one letter . . . I'm a "J" instead of a "P" in that last slot. Really, what made our relationship gel was that both of us are incredibly motivated to improve and excel, constantly looking for good principles and better ways of doing things, and excited about the journey. We both care deeply about that, and were so thrilled to find someone else who did, too . . . and wasn't frightened away by it.

Then again, it's that same crazy drive that's led us to building a home for the SECOND time. We met with a terrific architect friend tonight, and boy, oh boy, do we have some GREAT concepts worked out. I can hardly wait! :o) Yes, I'll blog it sometime soon . . .

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

You got my attention with being able to find antique letters and such for genealogy and wondered WHERE these can be found...??
I would love to find a VICTORIAN LADY'S diary..and see what they did with themselves each day. Or just general correspondence.

I have not taken this "Meyers" test in years either. My husband and i ( of 43 years) are exact opposites on this test.

I an the extrovert !