Monday, August 20, 2007

A Sad Development

Well, since I came down with that bug, knitting makes me motion sick.


If I knit more slowly, it's not as bad, but it's still no fun. Booger.

The last time this happened, it took a few months to wear off before I could knit again, so I'm going to take it easy and try to satisfy my crafty need with sewing. The kids do need a few things, so it's not all bad. My fabric stash has been sorely neglected, after all. The last time this happened I pushed it and kept knitting, and it seemed like such a long time before I could bear to even look at my stash. (Shocking, I know!)

However, that doesn't mean that some stash enhancement won't continue. Just today I managed to pick up a few skeins of PureWool's new 3-ply in some very, very pretty colorways. (And it was a great deal, too. :o) I'll share photos when they arrive. There's just enough for a couple of small projects, so I'll know how much I really "need" when the new co-op opens up on the first of September.

Knitting content to resume in a couple months or so. {Fingers Crossed}

Wish me luck!

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ccr in MA said...

My mind just wobbled. Knitting makes you motion sick?

Ouch. I had enough trouble feeling a bit icky on the boat. (I had to sit outside, where I could *see* the motion, so my stomach could understand what was happening.) I know I'd stop knitting if it made me feel that way ... but how upset would I be? You poor thing! I hope it passes quickly!