Saturday, August 18, 2007

Still alive . . .

Between Blogger totally messing with my photos, and being under the weather for a while, things have been pretty quiet around here, haven't they?

I'll be back . . . honest. ;o) I've just got to get my feet under me again.

Anybody want to come be "Mom" in my place while I convalesce? lol

Have a great night . . .

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Sarah said...

If someone offers to come be "mom" for you, have them swing by my house first and pick up my boys on their way to your place.

I was feeling lightheaded this evening at the end of dinner so I went to lie down and sent the boys in to take a bath. They poured 2 cups of bubble bath (which they aren't supposed to be able to reach) into their tub and proceeded to scoop all the bubbles out onto the floor along with an inch of water. Jared had fun cleaning that one up when he got home from work!