Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So, back in early May when I read Amy's blog post about Ravelry, I went over to the Ravelry site and added myself to the waiting list. When I read Melanie's post today, announcing that she received her invite, I went over to check my progress.

I'm not there.

No email address of mine showed up. Zippo. Nada. In desperation I added my email. That's three months I could have been on the waiting list. At the Unraveled blog today, the waiting list count is 15,422. That "2" at the end is me. (On the "antsy" status-checker page, it says I have 15,421 people ahead of me.) So, at roughly 1200/week (according to Ravelry's Casey), I've only got 12.85 weeks to go. {sob}

I'm being a big girl about it, but it's hard.

At least I can still knit . . .

Er, I mean, at least I can still knit . . .

Oops, that wasn't it, either . . . Maybe this?

Fiddlesticks. Ummmm . . .

I mean, at least I can still knit . . .

This is getting embarassing. One last time.

At least I can still knit!

Ahhh. There it is. ;o)


melly~ said...
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melly~ said...

Here's hoping Ravelry is out of Beta soon and you can join sooner than that!!
Thanks for the antsy link. I just signed up TODAY (dumb Dora was SOOOO dumb...) so I think I'll wait a bit before checking my invite status.
Maybe it'd be worth emailing some in-charge type person at Ravelry and see if you can get in sooner? Let me know if it works and I'll TOTALLY try it! :)
Happy knitting!
(deleted and edited by me. "Dumb Dora...")