Saturday, April 21, 2007

I hardly ever win things . . .

But I managed, via random number generator, to win one of Julia's Spring Cleaning contests. Yesterday the package arrived, and now I get to read The Joy of Knitting by Lisa R. Myers, and Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning. Both titles have appealed to me in the past, but they hadn't yet made it to the top of the wishlist. ;o)

I'd post photos, but the camera got shot by a high-powered stream of water this morning (I'm not yet trained to turn off the deer sprinkler before wandering the yard), and I'm waiting for it to dry completely before trying to use it again. Please send lots of positive happy-camera vibes my way, if you would. If my Oly dies, I'll be so very, very sad. I've had that camera for more than five years, and I just love it. DH has been pining for a Digital Rebel, though. So, if it is the end, {sniffle, sniffle}, there's always a new beginning on the other side. Right now that sounds kind of hollow.

Enjoy your Saturday!!!