Wednesday, April 4, 2007


So, what do you do when you see at least five really beautiful projects that you want to knit? Right. Now. ? ? ? ?

Since the crushing cardi incident earning that project a time out it its ziploc, I've been out trolling. Yesterday I started the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl, but didn't get far because I had too many interruptions. (Never try to knit lace with kids or husbands about. It's completely useless. No, worse than useless. You do more tinking/lifeline ripping/chart re-reading than you do knitting. Torturous.)

So, in the face of that, I've "come across" several things I'd soooo love to knit. (Well, more like hunted out beautiful things like yarn-starved knitters descending on an LYS clearance sale, but let's not belabor the point, hmmm?)

{Sigh} If only I had time and funds to just do them all!

1. Simply Marilyn.

I love the fit and style of this sweater. Oh, and the color. I'd do this purple, or a deep burgundy shade of wine. Something that looks good enough to eat. DH loves cream, but I just can't wear it right now without looking something akin to a schoolbus. So I'll pass until I lose another few.

2. Lady Eleanor.

Need I mention that I love Jess's style? I mostly lurk over at her blog, but I just love the colors she chooses and her FO's. Gorgeous. This looks like an entrelac project that I could handle. I've been shy of entrelac after Stephanie's vehement rejection thereof, but this looks gorgeous. (And picking up stitches in worsted is MUCH easier than in sock yarn.)

3. Rogue.

I'm not nearly as cute as the model, but I can dream, right? ;o) I'm just so tempted by something that looks so incredibly warm and cozy. (And it'll stay on without any effort on my part--handy with four munchkins around.) I'd love to knit this one out of some Targhee: soft as Merino, but springy as Corriedale or Coopworth. Love the stuff.

4. The Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan

I just discovered Knit and Tonic today by following a link in a a blog linked from Yarn Harlot's Ann Arbor saga. (My heart just about broke for Stephanie today. She's amazing. If I had been through what she had to go through to get to Ann Arbor, I wouldn't have made it. My body would have given up completely long before lunchtime. Huge kudos to you, Steph.)

5. The Spring Things Shawl.

There's even a knitalong for it already. I have 100g of gorgeous Knit Picks merino laceweight that's almost as soft as the alpaca lace I bought on impulse that same day. Just springier.

I'm wondering if I should rip out the little beginnings of the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl I've got and go download the Spring Things pattern tonight. Or is there still a FCSS knitalong somewhere? I'll have to Google . . .


Grace said...

Hi Annalea! Thanks for taking a look at my blog...I have been pretty remiss in posting, but I've had very busy work month. Anyway, the sock yarn is from Crown Mountain Fams, Sock Hop Yarn, colorway The Beat Goes On. Here is the URL:
They only sell a couple of times a year; if you get on thier email list they will email you when the colors you want become available. Hope this helps!

Lea said...

BTW, I love the Forest Canopy shoulder shawl. If you go back through my blog, you'll see the photos. It's a great pattern. But I can understand your indecision -- I was enthralled with her new Spring Things shawl as well! I'm definitely going to do that one as well, but have a few others to finish first. Besides, that's another one that I have to find just the right color for!

Oh, and I love the sock yarn collection. There is just something about sock yarn that is so enticing! I've got way too much of it as well :-D.

As for Stephanie -- I completely agree. I don't know how she did it! It just goes to show you how important the knitting communitity is to her...