Monday, April 23, 2007

Pretty Daisies

I spent most of my day today at my Mom's place, helping with spring yardwork. It was great. Rarely am I happier than when I'm outside . . . and having my Mom and SIL there to talk to as I weeded and gathered up last year's hosta leaves was so much fun. Mom has been married 32 years, I've been married for nine, and my SIL is coming up on the big First Anniversary. Our conversation was a hoot. :o)

While I was thus employed, the kids gathered some of the Spring bounty in Mom's lawn. I came into the kitchen for water and found this waiting for me.

I had to borrow Mom's camera, since I managed to misplace the lens cap for mine after the water incident, and haven't yet found it. (And I don't take my camera ANYWHERE without the lens cap.) I love lawn daisies and dandelions.

Have a great evening!