Monday, April 2, 2007

The Neatest Trick

For quite some time I've been wondering how in the world I could create pdf files. So, I went faithfully to Google, and requested an answer. The pdf of my pattern is the result.

I learned one can "print" to pdf using CutePDF Writer. You also need a copy of this for some reason. (I don't know why, but it works, so I'm not complaining.) Just download and install both. It takes less than two minutes; they're small apps. (Hooray!) Then, when you want to "save" something in a stable and universal format, just select "CutePDF Writer" from your printer list, and voila! You're in business.

Did I mention that this is now my favorite way to save web pages? Genius. (Not me, the folks over at Acro Software, Inc.) So, when I come across a knitting pattern that I really like, such as Amy King's Baby Keep Your Socks On, I can save it as a pdf instead of trying to cajole my laser printer to not include the graphics.

Sometimes, modern technology can be bent to good uses, can't it? ;o)

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