Thursday, May 31, 2007

Incredibly cool -- Andy Shelton

So, I've been hearing some tracks from this album called "Shelton" on an internet radio station I listen to. There's one that really caught my ear, called 8th Avenue. You can listen to the whole thing here. (I love it when artists stream their entire songs, so you can actually know if you like them or not. The 30-second previews are only good if you're trying to identify a song you've already heard.)

He made his way down 8th Avenue
With all the same buildings and faces he knew
Stepped to the side where he always sits down
Opened up his case, the city goes out around

And there he plays
Throw him a dime, he will sing you the ryhmes
Of a song that he made
About his life on a street where...

It's all the same
La da dee day
It's all the same

Now he has visions that lift him off his feet
Of playing great big shows up on Market Street
But just as he dreams up the screaming crowd
He wakes up on 8th Avenue and sits back down

And there he plays
But there's no one around now to hear the sound
Of a song that he made
About his life on a street where...

It's all the same
La da dee day
But everything's about to change

He played his last song that afternoon
To a rock, a crack in the sidewalk, and a bird he knew
Then mentioned something about being late
He took bow and said: "Thanks, you've all been great."

"But I can't stay."
"I hope you don't mind but I have arranged that a cold wind take my place."
And now 8th Avenue has never been the same.

La da dee day

The lyrics are good, just taking them on their own. (And I studied this stuff in my University days, so I do have some idea of that of which I speak. ;o) But you've got to hear this one. It's good music, and makes you think. Stylistically, it reminds me a little of Harry Connick Jr., but easier to listen to. (I can only take so much Harry, he's so, um, improvisational.) You can even buy it by itself, if you don't fall in love with the other stuff he has done before you can click the "buy" link. ;o)

So, go listen to some Shelton. I'm going to to take the munchkins & DH, grab some Subway, and have a picnic somewhere in this summery weather.


camillaknits said...

Thank you for the advice. Even if it doesn't work, it'll at least feel like I'm *doing something* to help myself. I'm having a titanium, fake 'root' implanted into my lower jaw. The dentist ruined a molar when I had my amalgam fillings replaced 18 mos. ago. I lost the tooth (which had been perfectly healthy...ahhh, vanity) two weeks later. My pretty new resin filling went with it.*sob* After the worst of the trauma is over I'll have a shiny porcelain tooth implanted permanently in 'the hole'. I plan on being checked out on my Xanax and lots of percocet for a day or two, 'cuz I'm a weenie. Thanks for stopping by the blog and wishing me well. It's fun to step into bloggy-world and let that ol' woman with five kids cut loose for awhile. Type at you soon. Cami

Andy said...

Thank you for the incredibly kind review on CD baby! - Shelton