Thursday, May 10, 2007

What are your favorites?

So, today I discovered Beaverslide Dry Goods. Wow. Sample cards are on their way, and I can hardly wait to see what their yarns in real life. I've been reading the Foxfire Fiber blog, What I'm wondering now, since I've been unable to make it to any fiber shows (Rhinebeck and MD Sheep & Wool are a trans-continental endeavor where I am, and I'm just not finding them in the Northwest yet), I want to know if any of you have favorite small-time producers whose booths you haunt at shows, or whose fiber you just can't resist. I love supporting small-time, fiber producers; local to me is a huge bonus. In fact, I've just discovered one a few miles from me, and am going to give her a call soon to chat about how she preps her fiber and to see if she sells any ready-to-spin. All of her yarn I've seen at a local health food store is handspun, and it's exceptionally even and nice. (Her colors just aren't my thing, though.) But the wool is very, very springy and nice. Not really soft, but not scratchy at all.

Sooooo anyway, what are you favorites?


Lea said...

Well -- for dyed, that's easy. My favorite is definitely Zen String! Her most recent colorways that I've gotten through her fiber club have been exquisite! I hate to say it, for processed roving, I tend to go with the more well known places -- copper moose, paradise fiber. But they are both family run, at least! Beyond that... well, I'm still learning!

Lea said...

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot two of my other favorites -- although Zen String is still top! Susan's Spinning Bunny ( and Carolina Homespun. Those are definitely the vendors I am stalking at festivals!

Susan is like Angelina -- she does it all herself. And does beautiful work with some wonderful fibers (plus, she supplies fibers from Peace of Yarn if you want to have some REAL fun! :-D). And Carolina Homespun distributes for alot of individual artists. Plus, they donate 1% of their profits to support world peace.