Saturday, May 19, 2007

WIP: State of the Knit Adress

Well, a lot has been happening at my house lately. We've ditched the TV & entertainment center (woo-hoo!), and now there's a big hole in my living room decor. I've gone through my rather moderate stash, recovered the lost UFO's, and restored some order to the craft closet. As I was rummaging and sorting, I found a few things that needed attention.

First, I uncovered the Anderman's finished sock, so I could better complete the second one. (Which is getting very close, really.)

I'm thinking I may have to clip and unravel the heel on the first sock and reknit it. It's a fair bit smaller than the first due to some short row-inaccuracies (it was my first short row heel, after all), and I don't think it'll fit the little guy's foot anymore. He's growing like a weed, and eating like a hippopotamus.

I also found this:

Any guesses? If I had remembered to take a photo before I took it off the needles and all of the stitch markers were in place, you'd probably have known right off that it's the beginning of a clapotis. (I know, I know. I'm terribly behind the times with this one.) I've decided that the neopolitan merino isn't what I want to use. Add to that the fact that I had forgotten completely about its existence, and that spelled f-r-o-g for the poor little thing. It's now happily rewound into a neat ball, awaiting something more interesting . . . like a new pullover for the baby or some such warm and cozy thing.

My next discovery was the Forest Canopy Shawl.

Not looking too bad, eh? There was only one problem. Knitting on it brought me joy no longer. I love the lace pattern, but now that I've got it down I really want to be able to see the lace pattern clearly. I just can't see working so hard to execute such a pretty pattern and having everything camoflauged by stripes. Maybe someday I'll invent a lace pattern that's more suitable to handpainted yarns. (I know there are shawl patterns out there in garter stitch, but I'd like a little more stitch interest than that.) So, I'm gathering up my courage to frog this poor thing. I've been stalking the internet, looking for suitable fingering weight yarn to knit a FCSS, but I haven't found anything yet that's a color I like. I've been trying to work on this instead:

But the alpaca laceweight and I just aren't getting along well. I'm toying with the idea of ordering another skein, over-twisting them on my stiff old Ashford Traditional (still haven't managed to get that old girl working properly), and then plying the two skeins together to make something closer to fingering. I love the color dearly . . . I just wish it was a mite heavier. (Four ply would be perfect, I think.) I have some Vineyard merino laceweight that feels much heavier, even though it's supposed to be the very same yardage per gram, that I might pick up to try working this in laceweight again. The pink swatch is on US1 needles, and I rather like the gauge I'm getting. I had been working the fingering weight version on 4's. Much slower progress with the 1's, but a very nice drape and feel it has. The swatch has since been frogged (couldn't find the stitch I dropped and gave up in frustration), but there will be another FCSS started soon . . . possibly tonight. I've got those setup rows memorized.

And almost lastly, something new.

Any guesses on what it is?

Let me give you a hint:

That's 55% hemp 45% wool yarn in Chili red. (I didn't buy it from Hemp Traders, but that's where you can see a pic.) The yarn is pretty uneven in texture--there are a fair number of slubs that couldn't be picked out safely--but it blooms a fair bit after washing, so I'm hoping the inconsistencies will fade some after it's blocked. I'm not going to tell you what it is just yet. You can all let me know if you have any ideas, though. ;o) I'm making it up as I go along, but have a very specific purpose in mind for the finished project. Doesn't it go nicely with my coverlet, though?

And very lastly, I had a helper with my stash reorg:

Oh, and I guess that's an FO, isn't it? lol Details:

Pattern: Swatchcap from Knitting Workshop.
Yarn: Auraucania Nature Cotton in purple.
Needles: KP Options, US6/Addi Turbo US6
Modifications: I cast on fewer stitches for a smaller head, and I alternated decrease stitches to make a straight-sided star at the crown. I also experimented with Kitchenering the last eight stitches closed. I'm not sure I like it, but my tecnhique is a bit rough yet. We'll see.

Have a wonderful weekend!


camillaknits said...

surfing the comments and was pleased to see another 'unschooler' representing on Harlot's blog. Like your style... you should see the sweater I have to frog. It began life as a 'confetti' sewater kit of about sixty different yarns, knotted (ick) together. And I'd like to put a bid in for naming the piano "Hummyguts", 'cuz that's pretty much what they do. I just began blogging last month, and slow to figure it all out, what with the exhaustion of raising five kids and getting everyone literate and all... I'm Cami, btw and can be found at, in case you want to drop in and say hi.

camillaknits said...

was surfing the comments on harlot's blog and was pleased to see another 'unschooler' representing. Mom of five, all learning at home, some days more than others. I'd like to cast a vote for "Hummyguts" as a piano name, though Yoshiko is a more 'personable' name, and cute if shortened to 'Yo-yo'. Cami