Friday, May 25, 2007

Photo Friday

Someday I'll remember to submit a link to the Eye Candy Friday thing-a-ma-jig, but for now I'll just run my own Photo Friday.

First, a gratuitous cat photo.

And next, look!, an actual Finished Object. (Two, even!)

Knit Picks "Simple Stripes" sock yarn (he loves the colors, and I could barely tolerate them, lol).
Crystal Palace 2mm dpn's.
Pattern: I made it up as I went along, and learned tons. 56 stitches, 2x2 ribbing, short row heel, standard toe (with late, sharp decreases to fit his little square feet ;o).

And a few from the yard:

The "Not President Grevy" lilac smells heavenly.

Serendipity. I couldn't have planned this combination, but I love it. The photo could be better, sure. But the foliage contrast, and the chives blossoms against the burning bush's new chartreuse leaves, make me smile.

And sea thrift, doing it's level best to make up for the tardiness of everything else in the yard to bloom.

Have a wonderful weekend!