Monday, March 3, 2008

The mail is here! The mail is here! OOOoooooo . . .

My Pure Wool arrived today! Hooray!

I remembered ordering five skeins, but I had actually ordered six. What a pleasant surprise. :o) Here are the colorways, from top left to bottom right:

Paulina, Margarite, Camaleon (it has a label, otherwise I wouldn't have recognized it), Praia, Colonia, Paraiso.

The skeins above are as they came, and below is how they are now--un-twisted, snapped, and re-twisted into more relaxed skeins. I think they're skeined up very tightly for shipping, but there's no need to stress the merino out now that it has reached it's home.

The colors are far, far more vibrant and intense IRL than they were at the Pure Wool website. That's definitely something to keep in mind. At the website, as you can see from the linkage, the colors are more sophisticated than what I actually received. Well, with the exception of maybe the Paulina and Paraiso. Those are pretty close.

However, I knew going into this that I was liable to buy yarn that didn't look even close to what I thought I was getting, and decided that was okay with me.

It's marvellously nice stuff, and is going to make some gorgeous soakers and longies for Bub #5.

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Shan said...

wow, those are beautiful. How long are the colour repeats? Because it could look great in some kind of slip-stitch pattern, with dashes of new colour spiking into the contrast.

Joe said...

That's some very beautiful looking yarn!! Can't wait to see the projects you make with it :)

Toni said...

Fun--and a bonus hank! Even better!!!