Friday, March 7, 2008

A thought for the day.

Brought to you by Cheri Magill, one of my favorite indie artists. She's a strong, clear example of finding your way between the anti-woman stance of so many feminists and the old-school subjugation. You can listen to it here.

Bulletproof Dress

The sidewalk's cracked and crammed with busy people.
I am distracted by the world I see.
The neon lights, the billboards and the windows
I try to find the message they send me.

Now, magazines gonna tell you what you got to have,
that your self=esteem's gonna come from the clothes that you wear
The tv screen's gonna tell you you could be more slender
so you can live your dream by spending like a millionaire


WIth the need to impress we being to obsess
We chase down success, yeah, we only regress
In this world i confess, to find true happiness
a girl has got to invest . . .
in a bulletproof dress.

Got to deflect all the petty propaganda
Got to protect yourself form jaded ejalousy
Got to defend yourself from silly scandals
Got to ascend to higher ground so you can see

Chorus x 2

Have a great weekend!