Monday, March 17, 2008

Mondays are for Music: Andy Shelton

So, this week's music spot is filled by a fun guitarist by the name of Andy Shelton.* I've mentioned him before, but wanted to actually post the lyrics to one of his (or maybe I'll do two ;o).

Shelton's stuff appeals to me for several reasons. One, his lyrics are clever, and fun. "Fairytale" (listen here) makes me smile every time, and "Maria" (listen here) makes me laugh outright. (Just remember that there's a much lighter opinion of body fat south of the border. ;o) Two, the music is extremely well-done. It's entertaining, fits the lyrics, and spans a variety of styles. You've gotta love the gunfire and hispanic calls in "Maria". His blues stuff is lighthearted while he pokes fun at himself:

"They say when you lose your mind
you are the last to know.
Well I've been accused of not having much to lose
and I'm afraid it shows."

"I Still Got You"

And pieces like "The Preacher Man" (the song title on that page is a link to listen) hit to the heart of issues that have impacted him. (That one also hits close to something I find highly repugnant--those who use God's word for personal monetary gain.)

Last I knew, Shelton teaches music full-time, and so I'm not sure if he's planning on more albums in the near future.

So, here are the lyrics for today's song:

8th Avenue

He made his way down 8th avenue
With all the same buildings and faces he knew
Stepped to the side where he always sits down
Opened up his case, the city goes out around

And there he plays
Throw him a dime he will sing you the rhymes
Of a song that he made
About his life on a street where it's all the same
La da de day it's all the same

Now, he has visions that lift him off his feet
Of playing great big shows up on Market Street
But just as he dreams up the screaming crowd
He wakes up on 8th Avenue and sits back down

So there he plays
But there's no one around now to hear the sound
Of a song that he made
About his life on a street where it's all the same
La da de day it's all the same
But everything's about to change

He played his last song that afternoon
To a rock, a crack in the sidewalk, and a bird he knew
Then mentioned something about being late
Took a bow and said thanks, you've all been great

But I can't stay
I hope you don't mind for I have arranged
That a cold wind take my place
Now 8th avenue
Has never been the same
La da de day...

Lyrics (title is a link to listen)

Okay, and one more (this one wins for the "cute" factor):


Oh, I'm telling you,
she carried sunlight from the morning
down the sidewalks after noon.
My eyes were glued like to the ending of a story.
Cute as a fairytale
she could hail a bus on Broadway
but when I finally heard my cue
I forgot my line was: "Hello, nice to finally meet you."
Oh well.

Someday, she will know my name
If I'm not too late
Someday, before I'm old and gray

Here we go next day.

Same time, and I'll let you guess the place.
That's right it was the same. Good for you.
you must feel cooler than the rain in June.
Now quiet, here she comes.
Testing 1...2...ready...go. I yelled "Fairytale it's me!"
(Not out loud of course, are you kidding I'm not ready.)

Someday, she will know my name
If I'm not too late
Someday, before I'm old and gray
She will love me

Set your watches here she comes
3...2...1...oh c'mon, c'mon what's going on?
She used to be here by now
But now she's gone.
Looks like the chance I had I lost
But when I turned to crawl away
I heard her voice behind me say. . .

"Today, I'd like to know your name,
if I'm not too late.
Today, before I'm old and gray."

Today is the day she will love me
Today is the day she will love me
She will love me . . .

Today is the day.

Lyrics (Ditto)

Have fun!

*General note: I don't like the parody reviews at Shelton's site, since they're not things I would tell my kids, or let them read. (They're not things I like to read, either; but I'm pretty selective about that kind of stuff. Bidets and reviews by proctologists just don't amuse me, I guess.) I wanted to let that be known, since I have linked to the site where they are, and didn't want to be seen as wholly endorsing everything over there.