Saturday, July 7, 2007

And she sews!

Yes, I do own a sewing machine and serger, and occasionally use such. When I'm lucky, I get cute results.

This is a dpn/straight needle book I made this morning before breakfast. (Breakfast was at 11am, so don't go thinking I'm some kind of over-achiever or anything.) This is made from three fat quaters (horribly off-square fat quaters, I might add), one button and about half a yard of 1/8" ribbon.

Inside view:

The top pocket is 6." deep, and the lower pocket is 4". The pockets range from 1/2" to 1" wide, with scant 1/4" ditches between. I saw a needle roll at a blog (now lost to me) where the bloggista mentioned that she liked the double rows of stitching between the pockets because the needle case folded more easily. Monkey see, monkey do; and I'm very pleased with how well mine folds. I didn't remember to put interfacing in it, so it's no more substantial than three layers of quilting cotton. I also paid very little attention to the pattern as I cut, so I could have improved the overall look of the pockets with a little fussy cutting. The blank bit at the left is there partly because the pocket fabric wasn't any wider, and partly so I could add a little fob for stitch markers and maybe a spot for a tapestry needle. The flap on top is plenty wide enough for me to add four small, self-contained pockets for point protectors, a row counter, stitch holders, etc. (I know, it's not "finished". This was just before breakfast, you know. A girl can only sew so far before she needs sustenance.)

In case you didn't notice, allow me to point out my favorite feature:

This was one of those moments of serendipity. I bought two of those little wooden buttons on clearance at a local variety store because I just loved them. I'm not a button fanatic, but I couldn't pass these up. I took a tapestry needle and sewed the button on with ribbon, secured with a knot between the button and the outside of the book. The tails of that knot are left to dangle artistically. ;o) I then zig-zagged a piece of ribbon folded in half to the back of the case in one of the ditches between the pockets which is tied around the strawberry.

So, now that I have a pretty, functional, made-it-myself solution for my straights, I need to tackle making something for these odds and ends . . .

I have a few ideas, and am itching to get started on trying out my idea for corralling those stitch markers by set, instead of in a big jumble on the stitch marker. But first, I've got to go get lunch for everyone.

Stay tuned . . . knitting content to come soon.

And a teaser . . . can you guess what this is?