Friday, July 13, 2007


I've been restless lately. Maybe that's what brought that serious case of Startitis on; I don't know. I do know that there are times when I feel like I'm going to seriously bust out somewhere . . . I just haven't yet found the outlet. Knitting is soothing and pretty, and knitting culture is a blast. (The MS3 experience has been great so far.) But it's not active enough for all of my needs. Inside this reserved personality is a musician, and nothing really can take the place of music, once it has become a part of you. My piano skills are so seriously degraded after more than 12 years of neglect that it's frustrating to try to play. I don't know anyone around here that would like to make music with me, so I'm left to my own devices.

Which brings me to today's title.


Typing is fairly painful right now.

Any guesses why? ;o)

Have you guessed yet?

C'mon . . . you know what that is, right?

Well, okay, if you must know . . .

I'm such a novice at this . . . but I'm improving fast, and it's highly portable. I'm still going to work on a couple pieces with Cadence, especially Pachelbel Meets U2. But this, hopefully, will be what I'm looking for. Short of borrowing someone else's guitarist, this is what I've got.

So why start something new, especially when I've spent so many years of my life playing and drilling at the piano? I've felt lately like I'm just coming to know who I've grown up into. I'm not the same girl that sat at the piano for thousands of hours, relying on the music to pull her through whatever came her way. I still dearly love the piano--but I feel as though I need a musical medium that's more readily available, and I'm ready to learn and stretch some more. And one that's not so serious for me.

Meet Scheherezade, Cadence's cousin.

She's glad to be out of her case again . . . it has been almost five years since she last saw the light of day. I just wish I still had my callouses from ten years ago . . . man, it's hard to believe it has been that long. I was getting somewhere back in college. The fingerings and string positions are coming back fast; my hand strength is pathetic, though, and my fingers awfully soft.

So, I'm back on Mom duty, and trying to figure out how I can smash several hours of guitar into an already full day . . .