Friday, July 27, 2007

In Living Color

Still not as pink as real life . . . I wish that I could turn off the built-in red filter that pretty much all terrestrial cameras have. (High-end Astronomy digital cameras don't have the red filter--and boy, do you ever pay for it!)

Here is the set of Hawaiian sea blue markers I made. (And I'm keeping these! lol Modelled by the baby herself. Not too shabby, eh?)

Still prettier in real life . . . but I hope you get the idea. These are so much fun to use. :o)

Maybe this is better . . .

Now, I'm going to go take care of a few mundane things and do some knitting if it kills me. ;o)


SusieH said...

OKay -- GORGEOUS markers in these posts. I came over here from the MS3 KAL and am wowed by your work! You mention selling them through your LYS - do you do online sales as well, or does your yarn store? Could you drop me an email to let me know? VERY interested in them - cheers!
Susie H

Annalea said...

I'm happy to sell them online, if anyone is interested. :o) Just use the email link in my Blogger profile and drop me a line. (That way I'll be able to send you an email back. ;o)